So I got a request by one person for a new post here.  The. Pressure. Is. On.

I have a myriad of topics I want to cover here, and no, no, they’re not all going to be sexual in nature.  Rather, they’re going to be dedicated to a specific theme.  Will sex be covered?  YES, OF COURSE.  Violence?  Yup.  Relationships?  You betcha.  Etiquette?  Absolutely.  Societal issues?  Without a doubt!

The whole purpose of this thing, whatever it becomes, is to talk about men’s issues.  I’m not talking about the stuff in magazines.  I’m going to avoid all the crap on TV.  No, I’m coming at this from the angle of, “What would my grandfather and/or John Wayne say about this?”

I see a problem that I touched on in the last post.  Specifically, there are too few actual Men out there.  This


does not happen in a vacuum.  This happens because they, whoever they are (hippies?), are doing their best to take what makes us men away from us.  It starts early.  Look around.  When was the last time anybody saw some kids building a ramp out of a 2×4 and a cinder block with grand designs on an epic bike stunt?  I believe that particular event last happened some time around 1992, and more’s the pity.

“But, but, little Billy could get hurt!”

Yup, and from that, Billy gets to toughen up and learn all about cause and effect, and that actions have consequences.  Oh yeah, and that we’re all personally responsible for what actually happens to us.

Or worse, there’s the rampant douchebaggery going on.  I see it every day, in how we treat others (friends, wives, girlfriends, our kids, coworkers…)  I see it in how we approach responsibility.  I see it with how in stead of men capable of doing great things, we’ve got a generation of entitled brats who play the constant victim and will likely never be worth the dynamite that it would take to blow them straight to Hell (Thanks for that one, too, grandad!)

So…I’m here to help.  Well, try at least.  What makes me qualified to help?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Other than I had a kick ass grandfather who taught me to keep my eyes open and try to see things for what they are, as well as a series of good role models, both men and women.

So I’m going to try to take what I learned from him, and other real men over the years, and apply it to what I see, and then document it here.

This is about taking ownership of the problem and making positive changes to rectify all the bullshit we’re confronted with because of how we’ve let ourselves be neutered.

More later…